A downloadable game for Windows

Insynth is an action 3D Platformer where the music generates the platforms for you to jump on. Run through a city generated by music and don’t fall off! In this game, four composers of different genre bring you a groove that you just can’t resist jumping to.

Instructions: Look around with the Mouse and Jump with “W” key.

Recommendation: If you fail the first few times, don’t worry! It takes some time to get used to the jumps. You’ve got to play through and listen to all four songs, I promise it’ll truly be worth it.


Music in the order of play:
1. The Edge of Horizon - by Albert Paixão
2. Space Race - by Taylor Fortes
3. Some Planets - RicharPK
4. Night Hunter - by Daniel Kim

Download & Install Instructions:
Once you’ve downloaded your .zip file, extract it and run the game! Simple as that. Have fun!


Insynth-Windows.zip 43 MB